Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plus Size Spree - Orange Bear


[closing date: upon total 15orders]Cindy - 5 items 

Emily - 10 items

15/8 Spree Closed
16/8 Orders placed, 8 more items for restocking 
11/9 2 more items for restocking
28/9 parcel mailed
5/10 items arrived
6/10 items mailed

Exchange Rate:SGD 1 = NT20
Agent Fee: 8%
Pre-collection of shippping fee: $3 per item, will require to top up or refund if necessary, I will post the weight calculation at the end
Handling Charges: $1/item
Local Postage fee: charged according to actual weight
Stationary Cost: $0.50 (not applicable for self-collection spree-ers)
(if your orders >5pcs or above, handling charges will be $0.5/item from 6th item onwards)

PAYMENT - how to calculate? 

1st Payment =(NT item price)/20 x 1.08 + (S$3 x no. of items) + (S$1 x no. of items)
2nd Payment = top up of shipping fee + local postage fee + Stationery Cost

***The international postage fee will divided among spree-ers according to the actual weight
***I will post the calculation at the end (the actual weight per item)
***I will calculate the local postage fee in the 2nd payment


I only have OCBC account, spree-ers can pay to my account via Internet Banking(inter-bank transfer) or OCBC Cash Deposit Machine

Internet Banking: can do inter-bank transfer, applied to all banks
Bank Code:7339
Branch Code: 537
OCBC Bank Account: 157802001
Name: Tan Yuet Jia

OCBC Cash Deposit Machine (can be found in OCBC branch)  
OCBC Bank Account No.: 537157802001

How come when the order is large, the postage fee/item will be cheaper?
first 500g is NT220, next 500g just need to add NT55
so the NT220 (first 500g) is fixed, it can be spread over items as long as the order size is large
thus the int. postage for each will be cheaper

Order Form
To join spree, send your orders in below format to:
We will reply with a confirmation email within 24 hours. 

Collection Mode: normal mail/registered mail/self-collection@NTU
Item name:

Total: (item price)/20 x 1.08 + (S$3 x no. of items) + (S$1 x no. of items) = S$ (Pls round up to the nearest cent)

Terms and Conditions (join this spree if you are comfortable withe the T and C)
1. No payment = No order,order made without payment will be ignored
2. Taiwan sprees usually take about 1 month (or even longer) for restocking, pls do not join the spree if you cannot wait, I will update the spree status regularly
3.Order cannot be changed once the spree has been closed. So pls double confirm with the colors/size carefully before submitting your order
4. I will only refund to those OOS items, any cancellation of order will not be refund.
5. There might be some differences between photo and the actual item (it's because different computers have different resolutions). I shall not responsible if items do not meet your expectations. Pls do not join the spree if you cannot accept it.

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