Monday, August 17, 2009

Taobao Agent Services [ PRIVATE SPREE]

Personal Taobao Agent Services
Payment = RMB (total amount + China's courier) X 1.1 X 0.22 + EMS shipping fee

*you can buy the goods from different sellers in Taobao website, we will ship them to you once all the goods have been gathered successfully.

There might be top up or refund if necessary. (eg. OOS, excess/insufficient international postage fee)

a) The goods will be sent from China to your home @ SINGAPORE directly, need not to pay local postage fee.
b) Agent Fee is 10% of total RMB
c) China courier fee is charged by different Taobao sellers
d) EMS international shipping fee (2 to 5 days to SG): 
1-5kg: S$15/kg, from 6kg onwards, S$10/kg for subsequent kg  
f) RMB1 = SGD 0.22 
h) We do ship internationally and accept international orders/payment (Paypal)

Please do not hesitate to approach me should you have any further enquiries. You may drop me an email to request for the order form to know more about the calculations.

Order Procedures:
1. email me to get the order form and calculation examples
2. fill in the form and I will quote you the payment
3.transfer the payment to me and I will place the orders for you
4. restocking, you may email me whenever you want to know about the status
5. shipment sent and top up/refund of the international postage fee (according to the actual weight)

1. No payment = No order
2.SPREE FOREVER will not be responsible for any loss/damages resulting whether directly or indirectly from any errors in shipping, quality problems, defects, delays, damage, loss or any action or inaction on the part of the supplier .
3. Goods sold are not allowed to return or refund. No cancellation of orders are allowed once orders have been sent to the supplier; any OOS won't be informed in advance.
4. SPREE at your own risk. We ensure you that the right items will be ordered. However, we will not be liable for any errors on the part of the merchant or for the cost of returns. We would strongly encourage you to purchase from those sellers with good evaluation and high sales volume.
5. SPREE FOREVER reserves the rights to amend any information or any of the terms and conditions on the website without prior notice.
6. Please do not send in your orders if you do not agree with our terms and conditions (including all applicable fees). By joining the sprees, you are deemed to have agreed to the 'Terms & Conditions' set out by SPREE FOREVER.

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