Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Beauty Diary Spree [OPEN] $13 per box

Official Website:

$13 per box,
each box got 10pcs (except eye mask)
10 pcs as a unit, that's mean cant mix

Spree-ers will receive the mask after 1 week once we manage to gather 10 orders

Spree-ers have to pay the local postage fee, as $13 is excluding local postage fee, which will be charged according to the actual weight.

Self-collelction: NTU 
Meetup: Pioneer MRT (at least 5 boxes)

email to :

2010 Brand New!!

2010 Brand New

How to determine that My Beauty Diary is authentic?
I have searched from the web, and find some tips to determine the authentic Beauty Diary
The following pics were taken by myself, using K800i Sony Ericson

Source: (one of the web)

1. there's a dot at the end of the expiry date
It's a must

2. the RHS of the font (bottom part) is printed by the machine
for the fake one, this print is very obvious,
however, for the authentic one, it's not so obvious

This is the masks I bought last time
so I can guarantee that the mask are all authentic
if not, will double refund you 

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